Wedding Packages

We provide Customized packages as per your requirements. Including Pre Wedding, Wedding Events, Candid & Traditional Photography, Cinematic film and Album. Contact us to get your quotation.  View Album

Candid Photography and Cinematography

services-thumbs_candidWe are expert in capturing the authentic story of your wedding day. Candid Wedding Photographers & Cinematographers who frames your life time memories which you will cherish again and again. View Album


services-thumbs_PreWOur pre-wedding concepts for films & photos are all unique, personalized and story boarded with our couples and their own personal love stories in mind. Check Album


You need a quality portfolio that does justice to the hard work and determination you are putting into; may it be your modeling career or a part of your personal collection.  Check here

Maternity & New Born

services-thumbs_MateNewBOur focus is on expressions and on capturing emotion with an attention to detail and creativity. It’s more of a lifestyle approach that expresses the love between the couple and welcomes the soon-to-be-new member of the family. Check here

Short Films

services-thumbs_SFilmWe have experience in making conceptual short films.  We have a team of Singers, Actors, Cinematographers and Sound Designers who were a part of the Award winning short film “Drop”.